Chloe  Project Leader, Focus on Finance  I wanted to join OnTarget so that I could help to make a positive change for at-risk young people in Sheffield. It is great to be able to give them an opportunity to reach their full potential. Ellie  Project Leader, Focus on Public Relations  I joined OnTarget because I wanted to contribute to having a positive impact on the local community. The combination of mentoring, the focus on mental health and use of sports all seemed really useful, whilst the success of the pilot was really inspiring! Over the last year the project has really developed and hopefully it will continue to evolve, despite having to adapt due to covid, to improve young people's lives. Isaac  Vice President, Commercial Outreach  I wanted to give something back to Sheffield as a city after coming here for university. I feel that tackling youth inequality is such an important endeavour, and I am so glad to be a part of the OnTarget team. Daisy  Human Resources  I wanted to join OnTarget to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable young people in Sheffield. Our project enables them to consider alternative career opportunities while also allowing them to explore their interests and passions outside education, something that I see as extremely valuable. Cam  Commercial, Impact Measurer  I joined OnTarget because I believe that everyone should be able to achieve what they want to achieve. By working with local schools and the community we can make a real impact on people's lives in the long-term so everyone can achieve that goal. Melissa  Head of Public Relations  I wanted to join OnTarget as I believe it's dedication to helping at risk youth through active engagement in sports, mentoring and internships has the potentially to make a real difference in the local community. OnTargets commitment to helping all those who seek it is inspiring, and has already resulted in some truly amazing results. Grant  Programme Developer  Joining OnTarget was a no-brainer for me, utilising my sporting and mentoring experience to support a social enterprise dedicated to providing equal opportunities. I take pride in being a part of OnTarget's mission to empower the at-risk youth of Sheffield to access their full potential.
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Hashim  Mentor Manager  I joined OnTarget as Enactus's message of achieving a positive impact through social enterprise inspired me to apply. Having experience being involved in other volunteer projects I knew that Enactus Sheffield was a new and exciting challenge that would help me develop and refine my skills in teamwork and communication. Most importantly being part of the local OnTarget project gives me the opportunity to make a long lasting difference to young adults from vulnerable communities. Darren  Mentor Manager  I joined OnTarget because I believe that young people deserve the best chance at succeeding in life, irrespective of background or current circumstance. Being part of a project which offers these opportunities to children in the local community is something I am proud of and could not turn down. Resources