GET INVOLVED You can make a difference
Are you a University student in
Sheffield? Are you looking for a way
to give back to the community?
Being a mentor is a really great way
to help someone in Sheffield lead a
better life. And it's GREAT for your
Do you have experience in
coaching? Can you offer a
placement for one of the young
people we work with? Do you own
a business who is willing to donate
a raffle prize for one of our
fundraising event? We are always
looking to partner with new
businesses and organisations in
order to support more young
people and expand our reach, even
further than Sheffield. If you think
you might be able to support us in
some way, please do not hesitate
to get in touch.
If you are not able to be a mentor
or a partner there are other ways
you can support our cause. At
OnTarget we are always looking for
wonderful people to help out
however they can. Whether that is
through attending our events,
donating raffle prizes or donating
money. Please get in touch if you
think you can help us to make a
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Other ways you can help
Other ways you can help Be a mentor Be a parter
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