Who we are and what we do OnTarget is a student led group, part of the Enactus Sheffield programme. OnTarget works to increase employability prospects of under-represented young people in Sheffield. Improving both mental well-being and employability prospects is the driving force behind the project, bringing social sport, positive role models in the form of mentors and work placements together to do so in a 9 week programme.
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What is OnTarget about?
The Programme Personal Mentor Each student has a personal mentor who provides them with support and advice throughout the programme. Improving Employability Skills The students receive workshops on key skills such as writing a CV and being able to appropriately answer interview questions. Placement A 4 week placement at a local Sheffield business giving the students the opportunity to experience the world of work. The placements offer the chance for the students to gain real responsibility as well as a healthy routine and purpose. If the placement is successful the employers may choose to keep the students on. Social Sport Each session is supported with social sport, most often football. This aims to improve skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership whilst also allowing them to engage in something they enjoy. Graduation Ceremony At the end of the programme each student is commended for their hard work and the progress in which they have made at a graduation ceremony that takes place at the University of Sheffield. Why is OnTarget needed? 42 students are excluded every day in the UK. Those excluded are 9 times more likely to be unemployed 4.5 times more likely to be homeless More likely to turn to crime Permanent exclusion rates in Sheffield secondary schools are 65% higher than the national average. OnTarget tackles these problems using mentoring, sports and work placements to provide a personalised approach that encourages students to engage in school, improving their employability prospects and overall mental health.
Why the different components of our programme are beneficial
Feedback Following our 9 week pilot programme in April 2019, The majority were extremely engaged in the programme Over 50% scored the programme a 10/10 for usefulness in week 9 All the students rated their enjoyment of the mentoring above 8, with 80% scoring it 10/10 New skills the students felt they had learnt included, Problem solving Team work Confidence Overall, 100% felt the sessions met their expectations. This feedback was incredibly pleasing for the OnTarget team and shows the value in our programme. We hope to capitalise on the students’ responses to develop our programme further and maximise its benefits. Here is an article on how our programme and partnership benefited one specific participant:
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A testimonial about OnTarget

Build positive futures by increasing

the benefeciaries’ employability

prospects through the programme


Improve the beneficiaries’ confidence

in their ability to succeed in

something they enjoy


Meet potential future employers and

encourage each young person to

aspire for a prosperous future


Improve the overall behaviour of each

individual involved in the OnTarget


Our Aims
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