What do we do specifically?

Our project was designed around the numerous studies that have shown exercise improves the physical

and mental health on older people [source]. This includes a lower risk of falling, heart disease, type 2

diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia. Our instructors carry out the L2 Amac Chair Based

Exercise qualification, and sessions target balance, core strength, motor skills, cognitive function and

mental wellbeing.

In the three years that we have now been running, Motion has run sessions in over 27 care homes and 11

lunch clubs, each tailored to the individual group.

We think it is good value for money, the instructors were very encouraging and included all

participating, so no one was let out despite disabilities. I haven’t heard

so much laughter for a long time.

~Cameo Lunch Club 2019

In 2017, we were awarded £25,000 from the Ford Motor Company [read more], which we are now using to

expand the project and invest in research studies to understand the impact our sessions have.

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