Care Homes

What’s new?

Under the current climate we are no longer able to go into care homes to deliver our sessions.

HOWEVER, through the use of a Facebook Portal we are able to provide online virtual sessions to keep

residents healthy and active over lockdown.

Our sessions are hosted live by a Motion instructor. They begin and end with warm up and down

activities, gently allowing the participants to get involved and feel comfortable.

Before the session we hold telephone consultations with yourselves to understand what you need from

us and how to best benefit the residents.

Our sessions use equipment which we provide. Through the use of equipment we aim to provide

innovative, enjoyable and stimulating sessions. This involves a range of activities of both high and low

intensity movements.


Our prices include:

Tailoring and personalisation of Motion session plans

Impact measurement to assess the impact Motion has

Equipment including: a Facebook Portal to access the virtual classes, balloons, pom poms, a

parachute and pool noodles

How to get in contact?

If this seems of interest to you, we would love to arrange a call to assess the needs of your residents and

how we can best help.

Email us for a consultation and free trial at before signing up here.

How many residents would you like to enroll?

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