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About us

Lauren Project Lead I’m Lauren and I’m a third year Management and Mathematics student. I first joined Motion in my first year as the Sales Director, but now I’m leading the project. It’s been a privilege to see the project develop and be able to help our community in such a direct way.
Meet the team
Emily Human Resources I'm Emily and I am a second year Business Management student. I joined Enactus because I wanted to have the opportunity to positively impact the community both inside and outside of the University bubble. I am the HR director for Motion and have enjoyed seeing how much our work has benefitted everyone around us.
Abigail Finance I’m Abi and I am a third year Economics and Politics student. Joining Motion was one the best decisions I have ever made during my time at University because the project has a real impact within the community. I am the Finance director for Motion, a project that has given me the opportunity to assist those in need and grow as an individual.
Leah Operations I’m Leah and I study Sociology. I joined Enactus in my first year because I was eager to be a part of something that would not only make a difference to our community but also help me with my skills for the future. I wanted to join Motion because we are able to see first hand how our work can benefit the community around us.
Rumun Public Relations I’m Rumun and I study Law. I joined Enactus in my first year at University because it provides a range of great opportunities and it is an insight into what running a business entails. I chose to be a part of Motion as we work on a local level so it is nice to be able to see the impact of what we do and how beneficial it is.
Joanna Recruitment I’m Joanna, a second year history and politics student. I joined Enactus to make a positive difference in the world, and to learn how to in life after university. I joined Motion because of how important targeted, local change is, and to serve our local community.
Jack Employment I’m Jack and I’m a third year Business Management student. Being involved with Motion has been incredibly rewarding, and allowed me to develop my entrepreneurial skills and gain some brilliant work experience, all whilst giving back to the community.
Volunteer team
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